SEO Tips for 2016

Half of 2016 has passed. As seen in these months, this year brought a whole new revolution to how businesses promote their products and services. One of the most significant aspects where marketers tried to improvise is their web ranking whilst also focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Best SEO Tips for 2016

The importance of SEO has grown leaps and bounds considering its efficiency in driving quality traffic and boosting the visibility and value of your brand. No one would want that after all the efforts they are making in creating a quality content the audience is not able to see it in their search query.

If you are too wondering about the SEO trends that ruled this year and will continue to do so, we have brought you all the SEO tips for 2016 here.

Trending SEO Tips for 2016:

Mobile Optimization:

With the advent of technology, people are now using various smart devices for web-researches like tablets, smartphones, laptops etcetera. Therefore, it is significant to know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Mobile optimization has become a norm in itself for the overall success of your SEO strategy. Number of searches made via mobile devices is increasing year over year and thus only mobile-friendly websites will be able to boost their search ranking.

Progression of Social Content:

The growing prominence of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is gradually becoming the most crucial factor in influencing the SERPs. More and more social media content is going to be indexed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus, SEO strategies for both web and social media are getting interlinked. If you want to optimize your page for greater visibility, it is essential to use your high-quality social content.

Use of Mobile Applications has grown:

People spent most of their times on various innovative mobile apps. This has urged several businesses to explore the benefits of these applications. In fact, apps are making the work easier for the user and thus most of them prefer native mobile applications over websites. You must feature your brand greatly in an app name with proper links to it so that you can achieve better search rankings.

Rich Answer Optimization:

Out of all the millions of keyword queries, rich answers appear almost 20% times more. Optimization for rich answers is only going to increase in near future because Google has decided to provide value and rich answers to its users. This will display the most relevant answers to the search queries entered by the web-searcher.

Increase User Engagement:

User engagement is as important as any other factor when you want to improve the site performance in long run. There are various tools that can be used to determine the level of interaction your pages are making with the visitors. You can track the links that are being clicked the most and those which are not clicked that much. It will help you optimize your site.

These are some of the best SEO tips for 2016 which are a picture-perfect way of enhancing your SERPs while planning an outstanding SEO strategy at the same time.

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